New Port Tariffs


We have maintained the Port Tariffs at the same level as in 2019. However, we have adjusted our anchorage services tariffs to make sure that we are offering attractive tariffs to our customers and port clients. We intend to further boost the growth of trade, industry and shipping and deliver a wide range of services to key markets and more specifically ships at our anchorage. SOHAR has a calm sea state throughout the year, with an anchorage area of less than five nautical miles from service berth.

The adjusted tariffs are:

1. Lower and fixed STS fees (no more GRT relation)

STS Service type Current STS Tariff New STS Tariff
STS at Anchorage* 17,402 USD + 6 hours free tug use Above 45.000 GRT > 0.41 USD per GRT 12,500 USD, no extra GRT charges No free tug use hours
Underway STS 12,947 USD 10,500 USD

2. Simplified Tug fees for STS operations

There will be only (1) type of tug use for STS and the tug use rates replace the Port Boat service rate as indicated below.

Type of tug service Current Tug Tariff for STS New STS Tug Use
STS operation STS operation at anchorage - 754 USD/hour (first six hours free) STS operation underway – 754 USD/hour One STS tug tariff
STS assistance As per the Boat services rates, depending on BP rates between 590- 885 USD for the first hour, 80% discount for additional hours 750 USD/hour for the first two hours, 50% discount for additional hours

3. Doubled the number of free days at anchorage from five to ten days

The calculation will be as follows:

Anchorage Dues (Applicable for all the vessels)
Anchorage Stay Charges USD OMR
i) 0 - 10 days Free of charge 0.00 0.000
ii) 11 - 15 days Charges per day (minimum calendar day / 24 hours ) 464.45 178.813
iii) 16 - 21 days Charges per day (minimum calendar day / 24 hours ) 928.90 357.63
iv) 22 days - above Charges per day (minimum calendar day / 24 hours ) 1,548.17 596.047

4. Two Marine Services requirement for ‘Port clearance’ calls instead of one

From 1st of July 2020, any ship calling the anchorage specifically for obtaining a Port clearance should at least order 2 marine services as listed in article 14 from the Port tariffs.

The Opportunity

SOHAR Port and Freezone witnessed considerable growth, seeing a throughput of over 62 million tons of cargo in 2019 and bringing in investments of USD 27 billion to-date. SOHAR promotes time and cost savings through access to the GCC without the need to navigate the Strait of Hormuz, efficiency in quick turnaround times at its terminals, and by being a one-stop-shop for all of your maritime service needs. It is no wonder over 3,000 vessels have annually called at SOHAR over the past years.

The Offerings

SOHAR offers a multitude of maritime services by high-quality service


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Haitham Al Tamimi
Senior Commercial Officer
Jacob Bac
Deputy Harbor Master