Types of Licenses and Permits


SOHAR Port and Freezone offers the following Licenses for Working Companies (tenants with land lease):

  • Industrial license
  • Light manufacturing and assembly license
  • Logistics license
  • General trade license

These licenses allow specific activities and are renewable on a yearly basis. For third party service providers, there is a separate Service Provider license which allows specific services inside the Freezone. Registration of Service providers is free of charge.

SOHAR Port and Freezone has a simple and transparent permit system:

  • Plot Work permit, allowing the Working Company to execute civil works inside their plot. All relevant regulations on plot development and the application process for the Plot Work permit can be found in the Development Control Regulations.
  • Common Area Work permit: allowing the Working Company to execute works outside the plot, inside the common areas (for example laying a pipeline or cable).
  • Special Transport permit.