Tides & Weather

SOHAR Port and Freezone is located at
24 degrees 30, 7 north, 56 degrees 37, 8 east.

Tidal streams NNW and SSE
Low Astronomical Tide 0,0 metre CD
Mean Low Low Water +0.9 metre CD
Mean High Low Water +1.5 metre CD
Mean Sea Level +2.0 metre CD
Mean Low High Water +2.5 metre CD
Mean High High Water +2.9 metre CD
High Astronomical Tide +3.4 metre CD

Currents are variable and light; mostly 0.25 ti 0.75 knots.
Load Line Zone                        Tropical
Chart Datum used by port        (LAT)
Density of seawater                  1,035 kg/m3
Spheroid and datum                  WGS 84

Summers are generally hot (35-45 degrees Celsius) accompanied by high humidity. Winters are cooler (20-27 degrees Celsius).

Winds are between NE and SW, light to moderate.

All vessels moored in the port or berthing shall take such precautions in severe weather as may be necessary and reasonable, and as may be ordered by the harbour master.