Connected Ports. A world of Opportunities

Connecting world-class ports across the globe.

The port of Rotterdam is a global hub for international trade and home to some of the world`s leading industrial clusters. As Europe’s largest sea port it is one of the leaders of the energy transition and is committed to digitisation to make the port, and the supply chain, more efficient. Port of Rotterdam uses its knowledge and experience to manage and develop ports and industrial areas internationally.

The Port of Rotterdam Expansion Plans opens up a world of opportunities for businesses by connecting them to strategic markets around the world. Port of Rotterdam’s involvement ensures world-class port facilities, safe, reliable and efficient operations as well as a transparent business environment. 

SOHAR Port is renowned logistics hub for international trade and hosts several leading industrial entities. As one the fastest growing port and free zone complexes in the region, SOHAR is committed towards providing innovative energy solution and creating a more efficient supply chain. Together with the Port of Rotterdam, SOHAR shares their knowledge and experience to manage and develop ports and industrial areas according to international standards.


Port of Rotterdam can become a shareholder jointly with local partner in another port complex. The key to success is to develop a shared long-term vision, including economic and social values for the port complex. An overview of Port of Rotterdam, current joint ventures:


Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam has over 600 years’ experience in successfully managing and developing world-class port infrastructures in Rotterdam and internationally. It is the largest port in Europe and the eighth largest in the world, and has utilised its wealth of knowledge, experience and international connections to create international ventures and ports in growth markets such as Brazil, China, Russia, and India. 

Porto Central ( Brazil)

Porto Central is a major private greenfield world class industrial port complex located at the centre of the Brazilian coast in the south of the Espírito Santo State. It is a joint-venture between the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the Brazilian company TPK Logística S.A, whose main shareholder is the Polimix Organization, largest concrete producer in Brazil. 
The port is conceived to be a deep water multipurpose industrial port complex that will serve different types of industries, such as oil and gas, energy, offshore supply, container, general cargo, agribulk, mining, among others.  

Port of Pecém ( Brazil)

The Port of Rotterdam Authority is a partner in the rapidly growing Brazilian port of Pecém since December 2018. This involvement opens up opportunities for international trade flows and investments from Europe. Pecém`s strategic location gives it the potential to become the logistical and industrial hub of Northeast Brazil.