Since 2003, SOHAR has formed deep and enduring bonds with the local community and has helped to transform the port city through a range of social, cultural and economic initiatives. This is the place where you’ll discover the many SOHAR Port and Freezone projects and initiatives that have helped bring about positive change. 

Skills development, cultural activities, sports and health, and environmental issues are high on our agenda. We work closely with local schools, Government agencies, and businesses to contribute to sustainable growth, and promote an inclusive and thriving community.

SOHAR Port and Freezone Summer School Programme

Keeping in line with its commitment of developing a strong community presence as well as to support Oman’s economic diversification objectives, SOHAR Port and Freezone will soon be organising their seventh Annual Summer School Programme. Under the supervision of the Directorate General of Education in the Governorate of North Al Batinah and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, this programme will run from July 1 to 19, at the International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) in Sohar.

The Annual Summer Programme will see school students of grade 11 receiving workshop-styled training, similar to what is provided in colleges of higher education. The main reason for the focus on students of grade 11, is to prepare them for their subsequent entrance into higher education. This year’s programme will also include schools from Shinas and Saham, alongside others in Sohar and Liwa; an indication of our gradual extension to other areas in the Al Batinah North Governorate.The students will also be provided with an intensive program in English, similar to that of IELTS, in order to boost their proficiency in English.


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