Since 2003, SOHAR has formed deep and enduring bonds with the local community and has helped to transform the port city through a range of social, cultural and economic initiatives. This is the place where you’ll discover the many SOHAR Port and Freezone projects and initiatives that have helped bring about positive change. 

Skills development, cultural activities, sports and health, and environmental issues are high on our agenda. We work closely with local schools, Government agencies, and businesses to contribute to sustainable growth, and promote an inclusive and thriving community.

Horizon Broadening Meeting

Following last year’s first initiative, the ‘Horizon Broadening Meeting’ seeks to further educate SOHAR employees about our departments and explore more information about the port and freezone. The focus this year was on the Marine Department. Our CSR team, in collaboration with marine team, organised a one-day induction session for those who were unable to join last year and welcomed newcomers on-board.

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