Since 2003, SOHAR has formed deep and enduring bonds with the local community and has helped to transform the port city through a range of social, cultural and economic initiatives. This is the place where you’ll discover the many SOHAR Port and Freezone projects and initiatives that have helped bring about positive change. 

Skills development, cultural activities, sports and health, and environmental issues are high on our agenda. We work closely with local schools, Government agencies, and businesses to contribute to sustainable growth, and promote an inclusive and thriving community.

Setting Course for the Future

SOHAR held its first Port Management Program recently. The weeklong course was designed to showcase the many activities undertaken at the Port and in the Freezone. It gave attendees insights into the skills and expertise they might need to manage a major international shipment hub like SOHAR in the future.
Participants learned more about the management of projects, technical and engineering procedures, as well as all aspects of landside and marine operations. On hand to answer questions were SOHAR Chief Executives Andre Toet and Jamal Aziz. The Oiltanking and general cargo terminals were showcased, as was the mining giant Valé.
Speaking during the event, Andre Toet, SOHAR Chief Executive said: “I’m delighted we’re able to pass our experience and knowledge to the next generation of leaders in the maritime industry. Although the history of the modern Port and Freezone in SOHAR is relatively short, we are keen to show our commitment to creating a world-leading international hub in the Sultanate, on a par with ports in Rotterdam or Singapore.”

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